Course on Urban Data Science

With modern-day cities come new forms of data. Yet, in order to extract meaningful information from these data, it requires professionals to adopt new skills. In this course, we aim to train professionals towards leveraging the full potential of urban data in working on city challenges.

“Learn how to leverage the full potential of urban data to help cities become more sustainable, resilient and just.”

What can you do after this course?

After the course, you will have gained insight into the latest developments in urban data science. You will be equipped with a toolkit of technical skills for data-driven problem solving that you can apply in your daily practice.

In four days’ time, you will learn how to address urban challenges from a data-driven perspective. The course provides you with a hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of urban analytics; from data collection and combination, to enrichment and visualization.

Who is this course for?

Everyone working in the field of spatial planning, development, economic affairs, strategy or urban innovation and is interested in leveraging the full potential of urban data to help improve cities!

No previous experience in programming required.

Duration: 4 days
Where: AMS Institute
Costs: €3.500,-
When: TBA

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