AMS Academy is a learning environment for professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs. Within the AMS Academy, we are developing new concepts for professional education. The fundamentals of every program are: academic knowledge and how to implement it. Participants will be challenged to collaborate in teams on real-life cases. They work on skills that help them to: take ownership of change, apply new knowledge and create new solutions in a co-creating setting. Always with an entrepreneurial mindset.

To create impact, you need to have both the knowledge - and the skills and mind-set to lead to change. AMS Academy for professional education aims to create a leaning environment that bridges exactly those two.


ALIGN4Energy knowledge module 2023


Recap MIT Summer school 2023

The MIT Summer School on "Decarbonizing Cities and the Social Costs of Climate Change" brought together...


Courses provide innovative education across a variety of themes. Each years AMS Institute hosts and/or co-organizes several (online) courses in which you can learn more on tackling metropolitan challenges.