Circularity as a means for a sustainable built environment
In recent months, the Province of Noord-Holland, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) in collaboration with Merel Stolker (Construction specialist, C-Creators) and Anne van Stijn (researcher, Delft University of Technology) worked on a manual for housing corporations about circular renovation.

The book bundles findings from the REHAB** project and issues a step-by-step guide for circular renovation. With this manual, we want to embed circular impact in the renovation process - circularity is not the goal, but a means to achieve a sustainable built environment.

Handbook for circular renovation housing corporations
The handbook describes a process for circular renovation for housing corporations, explaining who should be involved in which step, which decisions are made and special points to pay attention to. This is illustrated by means of a number of inspiring examples.

The handbook also provides a clear definition of circular renovation: maintaining, renewing and reusing building (parts) without unnecessarily depleting natural resources, polluting the living environment and harming the ecosystem. This can be done on the basis of the well-known raw material principles - narrowing the loop, slowing the loop and closing the loop - which C-creators have translated into three building principles: minimize, utilize the available and use the reusable. Don't just look at the source of circular material, but also at the end of life.

When, where, who?
The presentation and delivery of the handbook takes place on Thursday March 25th. At 10am, Guido Braam opens the event, followed by a presentation of the handbook by Merel Stolker and Anne van Stijn. Subsequently, the handbook is handed out by Zita Pels and Ferdi Licher.

  • When: Thursday March 25, 10 - 12:15am CET;
  • Location: Register here to join the book presentation;
  • For whom: The invitation is intended for housing corporations and interested chain and knowledge partners involved in the renovation of homes;
  • Please note: The presentation is in Dutch.

** For more information about the REHAB project (information in Dutch)


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