In order to tackle many of the challenges our cities and our societies face today, we need to minimize resource losses and climate change effects. By developing and implementing integrated circular systems, we can replace linear systems and make smart connections within and between terrestrial (plant and animal based) and marine production cycles and strengthen networks. To illustrate, circular systems in the green and blue domains can close water, nutrient and carbon cycles.

This way, we can accelerate the transition towards a circular bio-based and climate smart society. And as such, assure that society can live within the planetary boundaries.

4 main themes: biosphere, economy, society & partnerships

Circular@WUR provides an overview of most recent knowledge and innovations on how to transition towards circular, bio-based society. The program builds on 4 theme’s - biosphere, economy, society and partnerships - and involves impactful keynotes, masterclasses and workshops for you to experience the circular challenge yourselves and learn about the latest scientific developments.

The conference is officially launched with an inspiring opening speech by our Scientific Director, Eveline van Leeuwen, being the event's Scientific Committee chairwoman. Also, you get the opportunity to be inspired by some of the Netherlands most innovative circular companies.

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“Cities in particular can make the difference in tackling the major transition topics that are currently setting the agendas, such as the energy transition and the transition towards a circular society.”

Bringing together pioneers

Many stakeholders in our society - from scientists, policymakers, private companies or concerned citizens - are developing knowledge and expertise to develop the necessary building blocks of a circular bio-based society that ensures climate restoration. These building blocks include, for example, decision support models for effective use of land, water and energy, carbon sequestration approaches, nature based solutions safeguarding biodiversity, changes in consumer behavior and innovative governance structures, new business models and economic changes.

In this conference, pioneers in the circular bio-based society from different backgrounds are brought together. Ultimately, Circular@WUR aims to provide pathways to accelerate the transition towards a circular bio-based society ensuring climate restoration.

Event details

This 11-13 April 2022, the Circular@WUR conference takes place at the Campus of Wageningen University & Research. However, if you're not able to attend the event on-site, the possibility is offered to follow the conference online. The entire conference will be broadcasted via live stream.

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What we do

Cities, as we know them today, have a need to transform its systems on a metropolitan scale, to become more livable, resilient, sustainable and just, but also to offer good economic stability.