Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and The Dutch Consulate General (CG) have collaborated in the field of Smart & Green Mobility since 2017. The underlying need that will enable an informed and effective switch to Smart & Green Mobility is using the power of data and knowledge. Data analysis, AI-based traffic predictions can support decision-making processes for better planning public services. Traffic congestion is one of the biggest problems that we face in Istanbul, in addition, the pandemic has accelerated many existing trends such as increased use of individual transport modes. We can use AI to improve urban mobility by reducing traffic congestion and increase safety by improving walkability.

The Netherlands has been working on data-driven mobility; however, Dutch cities are on an average small scale when compared to cities in other countries. This means that for such Dutch organizations, which develop data-driven solutions, tapping into the datasets of a megacity like Istanbul through collaborative projects is of great importance to improve the scalability of these solutions.

Data-Driven Mobility Hackathon
As part of Hackathon, it is expected to develop collective solutions for optimization in public transportation, promoting equity in transport services, reducing CO2 emission in transportation topics, improving walkability and safety. Participants will break into teams to analyze data sets to tackle challenges across factors that can generate traffic, traffic predictions based on historical and current data, traffic modeling with an intermodality approach.

The hackathon participants will have the opportunity to tap into the datasets of IMM. Using these datasets, in two days, teams will gather to develop their ideas, explore new business models and solutions, and define the next steps to implement them. Representatives from Turkish and Dutch organizations will also attend the hackathon to mentor and support the teams to further develop their ideas for the final pitching event. At the end of the second day, contestants will demonstrate their solution to an expert jury.

The expected results that teams deliver will be:

  • A demonstration of applying data science by linking different types of datasets for generating new insights, engagement, and solutions. This could be in the form of a service, an application, an algorithm etc.

The overall process of the hackathon and the generated insights could also give an idea as to what kind of projects and consortia could be formed with an eye to the EIT KIC Urban Mobility Calls for Proposals.

Data-driven Mobility Session
Panchamy Krishnakumari (TUD) and AMS Research Fellow Marco Rinaldi will hold a data-driven mobility session discussing trends in research and development of AI in mobility problems.

For whom?
Hackathon is open to all innovators, entrepreneurs, students, researchers, individuals to solve the urban mobility challenges of Istanbul.

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Organized by
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Dutch Consulate General of Istanbul, Dutch Innovation Network, WRI Turkey, AMS Institute, TU Delft.

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