The Waag and AMS Institute will dig into these questions and use design sessions to find their solutions during our three-part programme series, Designing the City.

Many cities in the Netherlands experience significant challenges in the realms of sustainability, food security, mobility and healthcare. And these issues are often so complex that significant collaboration is required between many different parties to find a solution. As a result of this complexity, the city is used as a living lab: an environment wherein all stakeholders can work together on smart and creative solutions to urgent problems.

But how does this work practically? What are the issues with this new form of research? Who are the people researching and developing these solutions? During this programme series, we are investigating how new design methods and technologies can be optimised for research and experiments. How do you collect data? How does research lead to tangible results in the city? And what does it take to scale up solutions to create substantial impact?


The speakers will be a.o.:


The entrance fee for the event is € 5,- (includes a drink). Order your ticket via this link.

This event will be in Dutch.

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Socrates Schouten (Concept developer, Waag Commons Lab) and Alexey Pristupa (AMS Institute Research Data Manager)

Picture: RDVA/Waag (BY-NC-SA)

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