Scan cars are increasingly becoming the ears and eyes of the municipality. Used for a variety of needs—from enforcing parking policy to registering waste to be picked up on the street—these vehicles bring major advantages. But, the effects of deploying cameras and scanning cars are not limited to increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The significance for citizens, companies and visitors to Amsterdam is wider. In response to increasing social debate about smart cities, Amsterdam has formulated TADA principles, which seek to ameliorate the sometimes one-sided focus of digitization projects on efficiency and costs.

Design Sprint
In this three-part “design sprint,” we want to explore what the future “scan car” might look like. How do we leverage the benefits of image-based data collection while ensuring that these processes are transparent, understandable, and contestable? How do we re- introduce a human element into these processes?

Session 1: Framing the problem
Tuesday 29 Oct | 09:30 - 11:30

Session 2: Developing Solutions
Wednesday 30 Oct | 09:00 - 12:00

Session 3: Presentation of Outcomes
Tuesday 5 Nov | 09:00 - 11:00

Download the event flyer here.

This is event is intended for project partners, therefore it is not possible to register.