How do we build these green cities and how far off are we exactly? How does the availability and access to good, healthy food influence what we eat? And what is the best way to build and supply our cities with good food? Expect a lively scientific dialogue alternated with inspiring cases and best practices from international scientists, activists and creatives!

Keynote Speakers

  • Raj Patel (UK/ India), this writer and ‘rockstar’ of social justice and food will explain what is wrong with our food system.
  • Charles C. Mann (USA) Journalist and award-winning author of The Wizard and the Prophet (2018). He will talk about whether technology or environmentalism will shape the future of our food system.
  • Adriaan Geuze (NL), leading landscape – and urban architect, and owner of West 8. He will tell us about the role of the urban environment as a supplier of both nature and food.

About the Floriade Dialogues Summit

The Floriade Dialogues Summit is an annual conference and an introduction to the Floriade 2022 themed green, food, health and energy. The goal is to create a platform for scientific debate and international exchange. The Floriade Dialogues Summit is an initiative of Floriade B.V, Flevo Campus and the Province of Flevoland.

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This event is free.