The integration of 3D City Models and Building Information Models (BIM) in GeoBIM is essential to support smart city use cases, and open standards are required to do this. 3D City models and Building Information Models (BIM) are the two most adopted 3D spatial information systems representing the objects in the city.

3D City models are the evolution of the 2D GIS data, they represent 3D city features and objects, associated to their semantics, in georeferenced 3D maps. They can be used as an effective support for a number of use cases (such as noise modelling, energy studies, flooding simulations, flow dynamics simulations, 3D cadaster and so on).

Building Information Models (BIM) are the 3D models used by construction designers to support the building design phase through parametrically modelled geometries and connected object information. They are used as base information for many analyses regarding the building itself (e.g. structural analysis, energy assessment, project management support, asset management scheduling, installations calculations).

The GeoBIM benchmark workshop - which will take place on December 2nd and 3rd - is organized by the 3D geoinformation group at TU Delft, and will provide insight into GeoBIM and explore in detail these topics:

  • 3D city models,
  • Building Information Models,
  • Respective open standards (CityGML, CityJSON, IFC, and more),
  • GeoBIM use cases (Automatic Building permission issuing, asset management, energy simulations).

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Register here. Registrations are open until 15th November 2019.

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This event is intended for researchers and stakeholders (municipalities, companies, professionals) interested in the topics: both in 3D spatial information management and by the use cases side (and related available standards), and from application fields (e.g. building permissions, asset management, microclimate simulations).

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