Intermodality aims to drive the better use of existing mobility services whilst facilitating the integration of new solutions, new mobility modes and promote new business models. It includes increasing the interconnectivity and accessibility of, and between, mobility modes and networked hubs. Clearly, there is a huge importance of Intermodality and so the question that comes about is “How can we work towards seamless integration?

Throughout this dynamic Mobility Talk, we will discuss the barriers to intermodality currently existing, and which have already been overcome. Furthermore, questions will be raised to the audience leading to open discussions about intermodality and how projects have the potential to help boost this goal of seamless integration under different settings.

With the following panel members:

  • Ferdinand Burgersdijk – Independent consultant at FRCB and Maas Councillor for the Benelux
  • Tu-Tho Thai – Director, Partnerships Europe & Events MobilityData
  • Josep Maria Salanova Grau – Research Associate, Head of the Data analysis and modelling laboratory
  • Stephan van Dijk – Director of Innovation, AMS Institute
  • Oktay Türetken – Associate Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

This event is free of charge. Register for this event here.