Join Superworld, TU Delft, and AMS Institute for an inspiring event as we explore the complexities of energy transition and retrofitting in the built environment. The upcoming hybrid event on May 10th will showcase their research project and how it supports the negotiation processes of retrofitting and energy as a common resource.

Collective energy system

The energy transition of the built environment is a highly complex societal challenge, technically, contractually, and socially. It is necessary, if not crucial, to recognize and respond to the existing fundamental split between individualized responsibilities and the collective energy transition continues to grow. How can we design the energy system of tomorrow to be reflective of its collective nature, in its modes of production, governance, and financing.

Augmenting collective intelligence

NEGOTIATING ENERGY is a research project prototyping new methods of collective decision making in energy retrofitting process. The project amplifies the conventional negotiation procedure by integrating a data-driven assessment of possible retrofitting measures and a collectively accessible negotiation medium for non-experts into the process. Through its application in existing living communities, you will explore how it facilitates the energy transition in the built environment by proposing an intrinsically social, yet data-driven framework for collective energy retrofitting.

Widening community thinking

The upcoming event will feature inspiring speakers and provide an opportunity to explore the potential of collective decision-making processes for community-driven retrofitting. Be part of the conversation and discover how the research project is rethinking the system of retrofitting and energy as a common resource. Join the experts and discover the potential for a new approach to energy transition and retrofitting in the built environment.


- Introduction

- Inspiring speakers: exploration of alternative organizational, financial, and social scaffolding of energy as a common resource, through the lens of buildings retrofits.

- Collect Your Retrofits: observation on retrofit negotiation processes and our proposition of supporting infrastructure for social dialogues

- Roundtable

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