AMS Institute has recently relocated from the Royal Tropical Institute to Marineterrein Amsterdam. From mid-2018 on we have been busy with the retrofitting of the former military building into our new office. We hope to create an inclusive environment and breeding ground, where academics, public and private partners and citizens can come together in order to exchange, research, develop and test new approaches to the many challenges metropolitan areas face.

Our new location is a thriving and innovative area with a community that supports collaborative approaches that includes all relevant stakeholder groups. This will be truly valuable in realizing our ambitions to develop innovative solutions for the metropolitan challenges of the city of Amsterdam.

June 21st, exactly 5 years after the foundation of AMS Institute, we will officially open our new location at Marineterrein Amsterdam and celebrate our partnerships, research, education and innovation within the city of Amsterdam. This event will also close our week long activities at WeMakeThe.City.

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