The event will be in Dutch

Since the allowance affair, it has been clear that the use of technology, data and algorithms by (government) organizations can have major consequences for the lives of citizens. Yet technological innovations and applications remain a given, especially in urban contexts.

And there is little or no public and political debate about the place of technology in cities and public spaces. Just think of the rollout of WhatsApp neighborhood prevention groups, data-driven work by the municipality, surveillance methods and urban laboratories. These are practices we see in all cities and towns in the Netherlands. Yet technology and digitization are not even in the top 25 most important topics in the average Dutch city council, the highest urban governing body.

What can scientists, civil society organizations, journalists, administrators and elected representatives do together to embed the impact of digitization in the urban environment more strongly in the public and political debate? We want to explore this question during our meeting "On (the road) to the Truly smart city" on Thursday, June 22, led by our moderator Inge Janse (Algemeen Dagblad).

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