The city used to be a filthy and unhealthy environment. However, that is changing: More and more new neighborhoods are being built as healthy as possible. But how do we ensure that the health benefits of new neighborhoods become available to all city dwellers? And what does it take to also make the living environment in existing neighborhoods healthier? In short: how does everyone get enough of those healthy city vitamins?

Recently, corona has occupied us enormously. Everyone has been affected by the virus in some way. However, not always to the same extent. Because what also became clear during the corona year is that there is an enormous health gap between income groups. For example, "poor" died twice as often as "rich". It provides a clearer picture of spatial inequality that is reflected in the health of residents. Is it possible to make a healthy city for everyone?

In this third episode of a series of conversations about creating a healthy living environment, we will discuss how we make healthy cities possible for everyone. We will discuss this topic together with Wouter Veldhuis, AMS Scientific Director Eveline van Leeuwen, Stannie Driessen and Lyongo Juliana. Who is everyone? How do old neighborhoods become healthier? And what does a healthy city look like for everyone?

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