Our planet suffers from human activities. Scientists know more and more about our environment, processes, rates of change, new threats, and risks. However, the challenges seem to grow quicker than the solutions that can be created. To find the right, feasible and viable solutions to make the transition towards a society that stays within the planetary boundaries, it is needed that scientists, policymakers and join forces with industry.

This conference aims to focus on finding solutions for the societal issues of our time. TERRAenVISION promotes the exchange of scientific research, solutions from industry, and insights from policies to develop interdisciplinary collaborations and networking. To bring scientists and stakeholders with different backgrounds that have the same goal together, to collaborate and work on the same societal issues.

TERRAenVISION: keynotes and excursions

This event is built around 4 themes** that are connected to the big transitions of our time. Each theme is kicked off by two plenary keynote speeches of 20 min, followed by a discussion. After the plenary session, a range of different parallel sessions will be organized.


  1. Nature-based solutions for agriculture, forests, and natural areas (soil, water, and landscape)
  2. Nature-based solutions for natural hazards (fire, floods, and droughts)
  3. Science brokers for transitioning to a climate-resilient (climate mitigation and adaptation) and circular society
  4. Nature-based solutions in urban and industrial areas (land and water management and spatial planning)

June 28 and 29 are 'indoor days' - see the program below. On the other days, there will be excursions to see the specific nature-based solutions that are used in the Netherlands to mitigate wildfire, floods, droughts, urban heat and floods, and coastal threats. Find more information on the excursions on June 27, June 30, and July 1 here.


TERRAenVISION program | June 28


TERRAenVISION program | June 29

Transitioning to a climate-resilient and circular society

On Wednesday, June 29, the conference zooms in on climate resilience and circularity. To illustrate, one keynote will be held by the City of Amsterdam about the Soil BiodiverCity project. Another keynote session covers the topic of 'urban floods and private land' and the challenges of implementing nature-based solutions by Prof. Thomas Hartmann (Dortmund University).

Furthermore, there will be several workshops on Nature-Based Solutions and Blue-Green Infrastructure in urban areas, partly stemming from AMS Institute projects - such as ACTonNBS.

For more information visit: www.terraenvision.eu/sessions


Nature-Based Solutions in cities

Climate Resilient Cities

The 'ACT on NBS' project explored, among others, what tools could help overcome cities’ implementation challenges?


Nature-based versus high-tech solutions?

Looking at high-tech versus nature-based solutions, is one of these more likely to accelerate urban transitions?