As the world continues to grapple with Covid-19, mobility has been one of the pillars hardest hit. Lockdowns have all but decimated the airline industry, the number of people using public transport has plummeted and the number of cars on the streets have greatly reduced. Meanwhile, cycling has seen a resurgence in popularity. And as a byproduct of it all, air pollution in major cities has significantly dropped. But big questions remain as to what the future of mobility will look like.

To explore this critical topic, UNStudio is hosting a special two-part webinar series called ‘Mobility Hubs and Future Cities’.

Webinar 2 | Cable Cars, Rail Stations and Hyperloop Hubs

Public transit ridership levels within and between cities have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic from what now appear to be unfounded concerns. While we can trust that (inter)urban travel will recover, how might we reconsider the role of transport hubs – from train stations to cable cars, amongst others – in ensuring the future resilience of our cities? Beyond simply places of interchange, what steps can we take to create hubs that act as social hubs serving public functions?

Arjan Dingsté, UNStudio Director / Senior Architect
Stephan van Dijk, AMS Institute Director of Innovation

More guests to be announced soon

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