The city of Delft has a rich history. For many people it is a privilege to live and work in a city with so many historic canals. And, although you rarely think about it, it takes a huge effort to keep canal-rich cities - like Delft, but also Amsterdam and Utrecht - liveable and safe.

The constructions of the quays were sometimes built 300 years ago, often on wooden piles. All these quay walls must be well maintained to always remain safe in today's busier cities. But which quays need maintenance first? And which quays are still in good condition?

Our Research Fellow Mart-Jan Hemel tries to better understand historic quays in order to better determine the condition of the quay – and thus the city. In this lecture he share his knowledge and takes you through the challenges of maintaining the historic canals.

The Van Leeuwenhoek lectures are organized by Studium Generale TU Delft. They take place four times a year and are free to attend. Keep an eye on their website for current topics and other dates.


  • Mart-Jan Hemel is a PhD candidate in Civil Engineering at TU Delft and Research Fellow at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. More info on the battle of the Amsterdam quay side bulge can be found here.
  • Rob Mudde, Vice-Rector Magnificus of TU Delft, is the host of this lecture.

For whom?
Everyone who is interested in the historic quay walls and their technical aspects.

This event is free. Register via Theater de Veste.

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