What does it mean as a neighborhood to become Energy Positive? What issues are to be considered? That is what we're currently investigating in Buiksloterham in the European project ATELIER.


  • Deputy Mayor Marieke van Doorninck in the relevance of such projects and the sustainability ambitions of Amsterdam
  • Representatives of Gemeente Amsterdam, Schoonschip, TNO, Spectral, Waag
  • Moderator: Waldemar Torenstra

Do you want to think along? Be inspired and informed in this Innovation Atelier webinar!

This event is in Dutch. More info can be found here.

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Urban Energy

What if we could generate more energy rather than consume this? In the ATELIER project, neighborhoods in Amsterdam and Bilbao are transformed into 'Positive Energy Districts' by implementing innovative solutions. Ultimately reducing 1,7kton CO2 emissions.

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Urban Living Labs provide a co-innovative setting, in which multiple stakeholders jointly test, develop and create metropolitan solutions.