Since 2019, this dynamic collaboration between the city of Amsterdam, AMS Institute, Delft University of Technology, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Amsterdam, has been dedicated to driving the social energy transition. This agreement signifies a new era of formal collaboration, with the ambition to make Amsterdam Zuidoost energy-neutral by 2040.

Amsterdam Zuidoost faces challenges in safety, livability, energy poverty, and large-scale construction. The overloaded electricity grid and untapped possibilities for heat generation are key factors we're addressing. The Energy Lab Zuidoost, a unique platform bringing together local partners, researchers, students, and professionals, is at the forefront of providing practical and scientifically supported solutions to these challenges.

This agreement not only formalizes our collaboration but also strengthens the continuity and effectiveness of our initiative. With a defined budget for 2024 and a four-year commitment, we're taking our collaboration to new heights.

“Our ambition to have Amsterdam Zuidoost energy-neutral by 2040 is underscored by this agreement. It is an important step towards a more sustainable future for our district.”

District chairman Raoul White.

The signing of the agreement is a significant moment for all involved and emphasizes the collective commitment to a greener and more livable municipality.