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As we present our annual report, we invite you to delve into highlights that inspire - stories of impact, innovation, and dedication. The collective efforts of our community, the forged partnerships, and the achieved milestones fill us with enthusiasm for the years to come.

Founded in 2014, AMS Institute has developed from a vision on paper into an internationally leading institution dedicated to urban engineering through research and innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. In our pursuit of scalable urban solutions, 2023 was no exception.

This annual report provides just a taste of what can happen when a growing community of impact-driven talents pushes bold new ideas and works together on a shared mission: to reinvent cities. From groundbreaking research projects to innovative master’s theses and real-world urban solutions, the spirit of collaboration shines brightly in everything we do. As a director’s team we take pride in proving that when we join forces, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

Innovation and Impact
Where do you find students conducting research on biodigesters for solving food waste streams while simultaneously spearheading the implementation of an actual biodigester with stakeholders in the city? Can you imagine creating an advanced model to assess the structural health of quay walls while at the same time translating the results of this model into city policy, resulting in immediate benefits for the city and its citizens? How often do you observe policymakers, top-notch researchers and students collaborating to envision an inclusive energy transition for our cities?

Together with our teams of program developers, research fellows, principal investigators, living lab managers, students, entrepreneurs, staff and partners, 2023 emerged as a year of significant achievements. This was evident not only from making a meaningful impact with our ongoing projects, but also in securing funding for several highly relevant programs. The research and innovation initiatives we took on with partners received acknowledgment, amongst others through the approval of two substantial National Growth Fund program proposals, focused on developing digital urban mobility solutions and creating a future-proof living environment.

As every year, our education program served as the launchpad for numerous students to kickstart their professional urban engineering careers. Our Startup Booster and newly started Amsterdam Circular initiatives played a pivotal role in fostering startup growth and sustainable-tech entrepreneurship in the city.

Forging a Decade-Long Partnership
As cities confront urgent challenges that demand transformation, ongoing research and collaboration to drive real, field-tested solutions for urban areas are essential. In 2023, TU Delft, Wageningen University & Research, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), AMS Institute’s core academic partners, continued to excel in researching scalable urban solutions with tangible societal impacts. To solidify this joint decade-long commitment between TU Delft, Wageningen University & Research, and the City of Amsterdam, these partners signed a letter of intent in 2023 to continue their unique partnership. It signifies a shared vision for the future and emphasizes the importance of sustained collaboration in research, innovation, and education for the next 10 years.

A Report with Highlights that Inspire
In closing, we express our gratitude to our dedicated community, partners, and stakeholders, who are, as always, the backbone of our journey. Together, we look to the future with optimism, trusting that AMS Institute will continue to be a driving force in shaping resilient, sustainable, and livable cities.

Eveline van Leeuwen, Scientific Director
Stephan van Dijk, Director of Innovation
Kenneth Heijns, Managing Director