The AMS Institute board has appointed Zwanet van Lubek as the Managing Director of Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute). She will succeed Kenneth Heijns, who has served in this position since late 2017, as of June 1st. Together with Eveline van Leeuwen (Scientific Director) and Stephan van Dijk (Director of Innovation), Zwanet will lead AMS Institute into the next phase of the institute.

Expert in innovation ecosystems
Zwanet van Lubek studied Economics at the University of Groningen. After her studies, she worked as a Marketing Manager at Rabobank, a Management Consultant at KPMG and S&T Group, and as a Director of the MBA-business school & Executive School at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Prior to her new role, Zwanet was the Head of Corporate Innovation at the Innovation & Impact Centre of Delft University of Technology. Here, she has contributed with vision and leadership to developing strategic and research-based partnerships for the university and the growth of private-public collaborations. Within the Delft Innovation & Impact Centre, Zwanet has built a team of business developers and innovation managers, and has developed a strong innovation ecosystem.

"Zwanet has years of experience in building teams and setting up innovation ecosystems. This experience, combined with her vision and leadership, makes Zwanet exceptionally qualified to—together with all researchers, partners, teachers, and supporting staff of AMS Institute—further expand the Institute into its next phase. AMS Institute looks forward to her arrival." – Ron Mazier on behalf of the board of AMS Institute.

“Making the world a better place, we all want that. It is beautiful to shape this in Amsterdam by developing new knowledge and turning it into actionable and innovative urban solutions to ensure the city is livable, inclusive, and sustainable. I am hugely driven to contribute to the major societal challenges in the city, to the further development of AMS Institute and its people, and to work together towards achieving a livable Amsterdam. I am looking forward to joining the dynamic and ambitious organization that AMS Institute is.”

Zwanet van Lubek, incoming Managing Director of AMS Institute.

Building further on 10 years AMS Institute
Zwanet joins at a special moment: the tenth anniversary of AMS Institute. This signifies an opportunity to build further on what AMS Institute has achieved in the past decade with Kenneth Heijns serving as Managing Director since 2017.

"Kenneth has been involved with AMS Institute since 2013 and has energetically held the role of Managing Director since 2017. His dedication and strategic vision have had a lasting impact on the Institute and its people, transforming AMS Institute from a pioneering project organization into a respected Institute with a unique character. Under Kenneth's leadership, the connection with the Amsterdam knowledge and innovation ecosystem has robustly strengthened. The board acknowledges and appreciates his dedication and hard work over all these years. Kenneth will remain with AMS Institute until September 2024." - Ron Mazier on behalf of the board of AMS Institute.

Zwanet van Lubek, incoming Managing Director of AMS Institute

About AMS Institute
The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) is the joint knowledge institute of Wageningen University & Research, Delft University of Technology, and MIT. In close collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam, the institute tackles urgent urban challenges through scientific research and experimentation, education, and entrepreneurship. In doing so, it promotes innovative solutions for metropolitan areas worldwide to keep them livable, sustainable, resilient, and just.

About the board of AMS Institute
The board of the AMS Institute consists of four representatives from the two founding partners, Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research, and comprises:

Ron Mazier – Wageningen University & Research, bestuursvoorzitter
Paul Althuis – TU Delft
Gerda Feunekes - Wageningen University & Research
Dick van Gameren – TU Delft

What we do

Cities, as we know them today, have a need to transform its systems on a metropolitan scale, to become more livable, resilient, sustainable and just, but also to offer good economic stability.

Urban Living Labs - How we work

Our mission is to design solutions for urban challenges and create positive societal impact to create better cities, and we believe the Living Lab approach is the way to achieve that.