Unsustainable urbanization has resulted in the loss of biodiversity, the destruction of habitats and has therefore limited the ability of ecosystems to deliver the advantages they could confer. How can ecosystems contribute to quality of life and a more livable, healthier and more resilient urban environment?

Our third MOOC will introduce you to Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). NBS are potential solutions to metropolitan challenges that include principles based on natural processes in urban planning and design.

MOOC III: Nature Based Metropolitan Solutions

Discover the potential benefits of nature-based solutions (NBS) in metropolitan areas and develop strategies for their implementation.

MOOC II: Co-creating Sustainable Cities

This MOOC will teach you about the dynamics of co-creation and the key principles of citizens interacting with service providing companies, technology, and infrastructure developers, policymakers and researchers.

MOOC I: Sustainable Urban Development

If you are interested in the challenges of the 21st century metropolitan regions and how these can be solved from within the city and its inhabitants, then this Sustainable Urban Development course is for you!

During this course you will challenge your 'relational thinking' and learn about the potential benefits of NBS. The course will teach you how policies in your region limit or can facilitate and maintain NBS by investigating synergies between stakeholders. You will learn about the spatial dimension of NBS through analysis of the surroundings and about the business model to harvest NBS' benefits. Furthermore you will learn about the implementation and upscaling of NBS for urban ecosystems.

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This MOOC is part of the education program of AMS Institute in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research.