As the students work on defining and understanding the metropolitan challenges Amsterdam is facing today, this video series allows them to share their observations on topics such as mobility, tourism, food, water, waste, energy and health.

Here you find all the videos made in 2020.

Heritage -conscious urban development’- environmental, economic, cultural, technical and social challenges

Go East, Young (Wo)Man: Soil subsidence, Sea- level Rise and the location of future (urban?) development

No place nor time to waste : Waste storage and collection in homes

Sweet and Salty : Utilising brackish water to feed the city

Amsterdamned : Corona as an opportunity to reset mass tourism?

Amsterdam Olympics 2048 : Sustainable urbanisation and mega- events/ Starchitecture

Moving Cities on Water : Don’t get stuck in one place

Desertification and the city

Stories on Storage : Storing energy in the city

Temporary Housing at the Urban Fringe: housing for the Asylum seekers