The first-year MSc MADE students produced a series of knowledge clips during one of their first courses: Metropolitan Challenges.

During the course 'Metropolitan Challenges', the first year MSc MADE students are introduced to various typologies of metropoles throughout the world, with the city of Amsterdam as a real life example. During the course, students are provided with a historical-critical overview, reasons for the existence and emergence of cities, and the technological challenges they face today. In addition, the metropolis is approached as a web of interrelated socio-technical systems in which professionals are challenged to integrate knowledge and analytical, design and engineering skills.

The course presents a range of conceptual views on technologies and practices related to the topics of urban mobility, water, housing, healthcare and well-being, food, waste and energy. Throughout the course, students learn and develop different concepts related to contemporary urban practices, and elaborate on them by means of observations, organizing debates, lecturing, and producing written accounts and... knowledge clips.

In a knowledge clip, students explain their scientific research in a short video, putting presentation techniques taught during the course to a test. Using their knowledge, humor and editing skills, they produce videos about topics like urban agriculture, homelessness, circular building and more.

Are you curious to see the work of our MADE students? Watch their videos below.

Urban Lights

The effects of climate change on habitability

Logistics of Urban Agriculture

Rainwater Harvesting in Amsterdam


Material Passports


No Time To Waste