AMS Institute, Platform BiKa, and the municipality of Amsterdam are launching a new digital platform: Ketenkennis voor Bruggen en Kademuren (Chain Knowledge for Bridges and Quay Walls, or KKBK). The platform brings together professional knowledge about bridges and quay walls from various sources and offers professionals involved in the sustainable repair of bridges and quay walls the opportunity to share knowledge, from scientific researchers and government officials to consultants and contractors.

The future-proof restoration of Dutch bridges and quay walls is an urgent issue. In Amsterdam alone, hundreds of bridges and dozens of kilometers of quay walls are in poor condition. Urgent action is needed to keep the city safe, accessible, and livable. This task is also prevalent on a large scale outside Amsterdam.

“Many cities and villages, large and small, are dealing with the problems of bridges and quay walls. Therefore, it is important that we have a place to share and make essential knowledge accessible.”

Martijn Meulblok

Chairman platform Binnenstedelijke Kademuren

The launch of KKBK comes at a crucial time. The urgency of the problem and the consequences of climate change require us to innovate quickly and sustainably. KKBK contributes to this task by being not only a repository of information but also a vibrant community where professionals can collaborate, learn, and grow. This is of great importance, as knowledge development in this domain was lagging and is now accelerating. The goal is to build together a more sustainable, resilient infrastructure that is ready for the future.

“We are proud of the collaboration and the diversity of partners contributing to KKBK. This platform symbolizes our joint commitment to a better future.”

Henk Wolfert

Program Manager Research & Valorization

Visit KKBK and create a free account to share knowledge with other users.


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