This publication is a condensed summary of several activities currently running at AMS Institute, Delft University of Technology (DIMI, Delft DeltasInfrastructure Mobility Initiative and Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment) and University of Paris-Est (École d’Urbanisme de Paris).

In this book, invited experts from practice and knowledge institutes in France and the Netherlands share their common experience and draw on specific aspects and problems of conception, management and development of stations. A brief overview of the results of the two initiatives Stations of the Future and the summer school Integrated Mobility Challenges in Future Metropolitan Areas is here illustrated, accompanied by photo reportages of both events and by a curated reportage of the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station area.

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Stations of the Future

Smart Urban Mobility

In collaboration with Delft University of Technology and University of Paris-Est, AMS Institute is developing a new research project on the future of stations within metropolitan areas.


Stations of the Future - first steps

Smart Urban Mobility

The "Stations of the future" project is being framed within the context of two rapidly growing developing metropolitan areas in The Netherlands and in France: the Randstad and Métropole du Grand Paris.