Student living labs unveiling the city

On Thursday, April 23rd, the MSc MADE students launched the official website of the 2020 Living Labs: Revealing the City. In the past few weeks, the students (and their teachers) have proven to be adaptive as well as immensely creative. Given the current circumstances, the planned exhibition at NEMO Studio was canceled. Therefore, the students transformed their Living Lab products and stories to make them completely accessible online. Hit the F5 button and get ready to be inspired by

About the MSc MADE Living Lab Course
The Living Lab course is part of the MSc MADE graduation year. During this course, the students are connected to partners in the AMS Institute network – or in some cases even create new connections, allowing them to gain Living Lab experience in a real-life setting. Spread on cases all over the city, the students work on urban challenges, tinkering with all types of (practical) solutions together with different types of stakeholders. From plant-based fish to new forms of democracy, from paper produced from elephant manure to water solutions for Pampus Island, through these experiences MADE students learn to adopt a living lab way of working.

Living Lab Cases and Partners


MSc MADE Living Lab Exhibition 2019


After months of hard work, co-creation sessions, research, stakeholder interviews, design, and product development, the first cohort of MSc MADE students revealed their urban solutions and prototypes in a Living Lab exhibition.


MSc MADE Living Lab 2021


March 22nd | 09:30 - 17:00h

MSc MADE Living Lab Masterclasses and Exhibition Opening 2021

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