Erik loves doing creative projects with software. He has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Twente University and a bachelor’s degree in Design from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. He has been working in data visualization for almost ten years, first as employee in the Data Science department of TNO and as of recent as a freelancer.

Making data visual is Erik’s passion. It allows for the discovery of unexpected trends, patterns and outliers. It also makes data fun to play with and nice to look at.

Most of Erik’s work is screen-based such as in the form of interactive web sites. He also likes to build interactive installations, 3D prints and VR environments to let people experience data in an immersive way.

At AMS Institute, Erik is part of the Urban Data Science (UDS) Data Visualization team. The team helps projects with visualizing their data. Data visualization can support research by confirming a hypothesis or detecting interesting research directions. Another use of visualization is to present project results to the outside world in an accessible and aesthetically pleasing way.

““Let’s make everything visual.””

Erik Boertjes

Data Visualization Engineer