Ying is an intern of the Research & Valorization team at AMS Institute. She is currently working on the Green Water Hubs project within the Climate Resilient Cities program. Her work is focused on providing sustainable rainwater harvesting solutions to water-intensive users in Amsterdam.

Ying has multidisciplinary backgrounds in environmental engineering, sustainability, and business. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Urban Environmental Management at Wageningen University, with a specialization in Urban Systems Engineering. Prior to this, she earned her bachelor's degree in Management in China and gained valuable project experience in sustainability and supply chain. She also has honed her skills in working collaboratively with diverse groups of stakeholders.

Ying is passionate about urban engineering, climate resilience, and the symbiosis between nature and humans. She is committed to creating a sustainable future where all life can thrive with inclusiveness.

Ying is a nature-lover. When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking, cooking, meditation, or any activities that allow her to connect with nature.