In his scientific research at TU Delft, Derek researches design for wellbeing, the design of AI systems to maximize wellbeing and the role of resonance in interaction design. He has a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science (YaIe University), a master's degree in Design (UC San Diego) and a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (Carnegie Mellon University). For the past 11 years, he has managed a successful data-driven education technology company, Playpower Labs (Techstars class of 2013).

Together with Lisa Ploum, Derek teaches the Entrepreneural Thinking and Entrepreneurial Skills courses. Having spent most of his life living in various parts of America, he has been mesmerized by the radical efficacy of Amsterdam city governance and hopes to help design technologies and services that can to bring better governance to other cities, worldwide. He is passionate about the design of data-driven services that can help cities flourish and support human.

“Catalyzing authentic teams to create world-changing visions that resonate with market leaders”

J. Derek Lomas

MADE Course Coordinator Entrepreneurial Thinking, Entrepreneurial Skills

Photo by Elisabeth Lanz Fotografie