Jess is a co-coordinator of the Living Lab and is the project lead investigating the inclusion of data science within the MADE programme. Within the Living Lab, she is interested in optimizing the real-world application experience for the students by including a rage of cases and applicable support for this challenge-based learning course. As the data science project lead, she is focused on exploring the topic of data science to see how it can be better supported within the MADE programme and utilize the expansive network of the AMS Institute. This includes providing thesis topic options, living lab cases, and course electives. Her aim is to both support students interested in data science and promote this topic as a promising foundation in understanding options for sustainable approaches.

Her academic background includes a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (UC Santa Barbara & TU Berlin), an MSc in Mechanical Engineering (UW Seattle), and an MSc in Sustainable Development (UU). She has also been an energy efficiency engineer, founder of a US-wide solar committee, and was vice-president of project management for a commercial-scale solar installation company. She is now a PhD candidate at WUR on the topic of comprehensive desalination technologies and approaches.

Jess has always enjoyed problem solving, particularly in the themes of sustainability. While her academic research has primarily focused on technical implementation of renewable energy and water treatment technologies, she has always liked to include a broader perspective through transdisciplinary research. These have included investigations on policy formation, social perspectives, and decision science as related to renewable energy, water scarcity, and energy efficiency. Her affinity for transdisciplinary approaches on sustainability topics and combined academic and work experience makes her feel right at home in the AMS Institute.

“The most sustainable solutions are those approached from multiple disciplines but founded in technical understanding. AMS provides the perfect environment to promote diverse perspectives and transform knowledge into solutions.”

Jess Wreyford

MADE Course Coordinator, Data Science Project Lead