Josephine van Zeben is Professor and Chair of the LAW group at Wageningen University and a permanent guest lecturer at the ETH Zürich (Environmental Regulation: Law and Policy). She is also co-editor-in-chief of Transnational Environmental Law, and board member of the Society for Environmental Law and Economics.

Prof. van Zeben’s research focusses on the regulation of environmental issues by public and private actors across jurisdictions. Her research searching for optimal ways of analyzing complex legal and societal problems so as to facilitate interdisciplinary solutions. The role of the ‘local’ in an increasingly interconnected and global world is a central theme in her work.

The biggest challenge for the city of Amsterdam is to ensure a sustainable and sustaining living environment in an equitable way for all her residents. Making sure that its processes and decisions reflect local, national and international democratic processes will be a key challenge.

More information about Josephine's research & publications on her website.

“Law shapes our urban environment but people shape the law.”

Josephine van Zeben

Full professor, Chair & AMS PI