Tamara Metze is full professor of Public Administration at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at TU Delft. Previously, she was affiliated as associated professor with the WUR, Department of Social Sciences, Public Administration and Policy group. Metze is trained in Political Science and Science and Technology Studies (both ‘cum laude’), with a PhD from the University of Amsterdam in Public Administration.

Metze is project leader of several interdisciplinary projects that aim to understand and experiment with boundary crossing collaborations in governance of sustainability transitions (e.g. energy, food and the circular economy). With special focus on boundary objects, (visual) framing, knowledge cocreation through research by design, scenario development, communities of practice, gamification and so on. She has extensive experience in the coordination of and lecturing in courses on interdisciplinary research, on framing, discourse theory, political theory, innovative designs, and the energy transition.

Metze is on the editorial board of Critical Policy Studies, editor of Beleid en Maatschappij (Policy and Society). She is member of the college of the International Public Policy Association.

“We need to imagine change before we can realize it.”

Tamara Metze

Full Professor & AMS PI