Tamara Metze is associate professor in the Department of Social Sciences, Public Administration and Policy group (since July 1st, 2016). Trained in Political Science and Science and Technology Studies (both cum laude), with a PhD from the University of Amsterdam in Public Administration. Her research interests are the (im)possibility of democratic innovations. With special interest in boundary objects, boundary work, framing, traveling of facts and uncertainties, scenario development, communities of practice in energy controversies, environmental policies, food policies, and urban planning. She is editor of the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, chief-editor of the Dutch Journal Policy and Society, member of the Advisory Council of the Province of Gelderland, and member of the advisory board of the international conference on Interpretive Policy Analysis.

The challenges we are facing.
Sustainability transitions demand boundary crossing ideas that transcend single disciplines and policy domains. These ideas facilitate innovations that go beyond technological ones and may set in motion systemic changes of our markets, institutions, behavior and organizations. We need to imagine change before we can realize it. At the same time, societal conflict about required systemic changes is surfacing. In times of internet and social media these conflicts easily travel across the world and are very influential on the governance of transitions.

In the current era, there is an urgent need to effectively understand how innovation and conflict contribute to more democratic governance of transitions. Especially, since better information and facts are not sufficient to resolve these conflicts. My research program fills this scientific blind spot and seeks to offer new pathways for the democratic governance of energy and food transitions.

“We need to imagine change before we can realize it.”

Tamara Metze

Associate Professor & AMS PI