Dr. Tina Comes is Delft Technology Fellow and Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Systems and Services at the TU Delft, and Professor in the Department of ICT, University of Agder (UiA), Norway. Dr Comes is a Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Visiting Professor at the Université Dauphine, and a member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences. She studied Mathematics, literature and philosophy. After receiving her Ph.D. on distributed scenario-based decision support from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, she was head of a research group on Risk Management. 2014-2017, she was co-director of the Centre for Integrated Emergency Management at UiA, and since 2018 she serves as Scientific Co-director of the 4TU Center on Resilience Engineering.

Dr. Comes’ interdisciplinary research aims at designing resilience in large-scale distributed systems. As such, Dr. Comes combines the ideas of increasingly interconnected smart cities with research on decision-making, coordination and planning across different urban infrastructures. Rooted in this orientation, she has conducted research with stakeholders and decision makers in private companies, public authorities and international organizations. Her track record includes successful applications for national and international research funding, such as the H2020 project iTRACK, which she is coordinating.

“We can only achieve our visions of smart and sustainable cities by embedding climate resilience in infrastructure design and urban planning.”

Tina Comes

Associate Professor & AMS PI