As a planning/geography graduate, Aksel Ersoy’s interest in cities and the built environment has been a primary focus. Overall, his research areas focus on future cities, urban infrastructure, urban environment, urban resilience, coproduction and governmentality. Aksel is curious about how cities function, evolve and fail that have become common-sense rules for the management of cities.

Aksel Ersoy is a part of Urban Living Labs research team at AMS Institute. He also takes parts in the energy transition discussions taking place in the Netherlands. He also teaches in the Metropolitan Innovators Module as part of the MSc MADE program.

Aksel has recently completed the CIRCUMAT project which aims to helps actors related to cities or city regions in Europe to identify the characteristics of the regions, their consumption and production activities and their relation to the environmental and economic indicators.

Aksel is also currently an editorial board member of disP- the Planning Review, Digital Geography and Society, Planning Practice and Research.

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“I believe that citizens recognize themselves as city makers, not simply city users. This is an important starting point for the future city as today. Amsterdam is a fascinating city that welcomes its inhabitants as city makers and encourages them to think about new urban experiments”

Aksel Ersoy

Assistant Professor