On behalf of the CINDERELA consortium, together with the Delft University of Technology and KplusV, we are proud to invite all interested actors and stakeholders active in the construction sector to work together to define key enabling actions that will serve as the foundation for a ‘Blueprint for a resource-efficient secondary raw material based construction sector’, an official document that will be part of the H2020 CINDERELA project New Circular Economy Business Models for More Sustainable Urban Construction.

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Goal of the conference:

Construction sector is one of the most resource-intensive industries being among the three key sectors where improvements in resource efficiency are needed. It is also one of the largest waste sources, contributing 33,5% of the total waste generated in the EU 28. At the same time urban and semi-urban areas generate large quantities of different waste types which could be a locally available source of secondary raw materials (SRM) for the use in urban construction sector. The way to improve the resource efficiency of the construction sector in line with the circular economy principles is to match the secondary resources available in urban and semi-urban areas with the material demands of the construction sector in a business friendly environment. So far this potential remains untapped at the absence of proven business practices, technologies and specialized knowledge. The CINDERELA project aims to unlock the potential of circular construction business models in order to enable the set up of waste-to-product material flows for urban construction sector based on locally /regionally available resources.

This challenging goal requires setting up a new framework and defining actions for a resource efficient urban construction sector to enable actions for a broad application of SRM based materials taking into account business processes, system boundaries and requirements, needs, conditions, potentials, and obstacles across Europe. The Blueprint for a resource efficient construction sector will serve as a guide for further collaborations between industries, policy-makers and the CINDERELA project. Our aim is to ensure that the Blueprint for a resource efficient construction sector reflects reality. Therefore active involvement of stakeholders is essential.

During the event we want to:

- Gather industry partners, national and European policymakers, experts and CINDERELA consortium members to address the opportunities and barriers for a circular urban construction sector

- Share and discuss ideas and proposals enabling the use of secondary raw materials in the construction sector

- Learn about inspiring European good practices.

- Identify key actions towards secondary raw material based construction sector.

Download full program of the event here.

Hi, I'm the local organiser of the event. Let me know if you have any questions!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 776751