As AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes ubiquitous, it transforms many aspects of the environment we live in. In cities, AI is opening up a new era of an endlessly reconfigurable environment. Empowered by robust computers and elegant algorithms that can handle massive data sets, cities can make more informed decisions and create feedback loops between humans and the urban environment. It is what we call the raise of UI (urban intelligence).

Laserscape: How Roboat sees and navigates the Amsterdam canals

The 2019 Forum on Future Cities will focus on four aspects of the UI transformation: autonomous vehicles (incl Roboat), ubiquitous data collection, advanced data analytics, and governing innovation. Panelists include mayors, academics, senior industry leaders and members of civil society to explore such topics from different points of view, highlighting the scientific and technological challenges, the critical collective decisions we as a society will have to make, and the exciting possibilities ahead.

More information on the program can be read here. Panelists include: Carlo Ratti (AMS PI), Daniela Rus (AMS PI), Ger Baron (CTO Municipality of Amsterdam), Arjan van Timmeren (Scientific Director AMS Institute)

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