15 fresh graduates will receive their joint degree diploma’s from Wageningen University & Research and Delft University of Technology on September 24th. These students joined AMS Institute for classes on metropolitan challenges, entrepreneurial skills and data analysis in the urban context. Now they have developed into metropolitan innovators to graduate from the MSc MADE (Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering) program.

The graduation ceremony will be a small yet festive event welcoming these new MADE graduates to our MADE Alumni community. We will look back at two amazing years of learning, researching and tinkering in the city of Amsterdam and look ahead at what comes next.

The ceremony will be divided in two shifts between 14.00 - 17.30h and will be held at AMS Institute for the MADE graduates (+ 1 family member or friend). The program team and examination committee will also be present.

Thesis supervisors, AMS staff, MADE students and other family members or friends can only join the session online. Please register here for this online event.

You will receive the link for the live stream as well as the outline of the program on Wednesday, September 23.

To stay updated on all MSc MADE related activities, follow the LinkedIn page.