In the development of research and solutions for metropolitan challenges, AMS Institute is engaged in a network of international partners all over the world. These collaboration offer an opportunity for MSc MADE to take part in co-learning and co-creation in different locations and collaborations. The study visit usually is linked to a seminar or workshop and includes a case dependent assignment for the assessment of the visit. This year the MSc MADE students travel to Vienna.

The students will focus on challenges related to the peri-urban - unsustainable - growth condition, the highly productive landscape, and the car-relation of the environment of Vienna.


The MSc MADE aims to educate urban engineers that are equipped to deal with the metropolitan challenges of our cities. In its interdisciplinary courses, students attain skills and knowledge by testing their ideas in projects and living labs in Amsterdam.

Student projects

Students of the MSc MADE, the joint degree master program between Wageningen University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research, are working on projects within the themes of AMS Institute. Several projects and activities are highlighted here.