The students of MSc MADE focus on the urban challenges of Amsterdam. They use the city of Amsterdam as a case study and a living lab. Set up in collaboration with AMS Institute, the program connects students to real life cases, business, the city and its citizens – training them hands-on for the multidisciplinary challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s cities. The MSc MADE students will look for new solutions, start new economic activities and contribute to the city’s continued development into an attractive, innovative, strong and sustainable metropolitan area.

On this page we will showcase a selection of the projects the students are working on:

Knowledge Videos: At the start of the MSc MADE program, students work on defining and understanding the metropolitan challenges Amsterdam is facing today, this video series allows them to share their observations on topics such as mobility, tourism, food, water, waste, energy, and health.

Living Lab Course: In the second year of the MSc MADE, the students participate in Urban Living Labs to gain experience in real-life settings. During the course, they work together with multiple stakeholders to test, develop and create metropolitan solutions.

Metropolitan Solutions course: As part of the Metropolitan Solutions course, the first-year MSc MADE students are tasked to give advice real-life case owners for the AMS Institute network. They take on a role as consultants and give advice on urban challenges.

Entrepreneurial Skills Pitches: For the courses Entrepreneurship and Data Visualization, the first-year MSc MADE students pitch their concepts for innovative solutions for urban challenges to an interdisciplinary jury of professionals from the AMS Institute network.