The Master’s program MADE aims to train urban engineers who are equipped to deal with the current metropolitan challenges. The pitches are part of the first-year MSc MADE courses: 'Entrepreneurial Skills' and 'Metropolitan Data'. During the course, the students learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurial Skills course
During the course, you develop an awareness of what it takes to start up to engage in entrepreneurial projects and ventures. You will be introduced to the various aspects of successful entrepreneurship, including opportunity identification and evaluation, (alternative) business models that address specific challenges within the new economy and what specific challenges are in the entrepreneurial process.

Metropolitan Data course
The Metropolitan Data II course links the Big Data Analysis topics to specific geo-data gathering, handling and visualizing concepts. In this course you get challenged to make use of this window of opportunities to address a metropolitan study topic by combining geo-data resources, processing steps and visualization approaches. The course intends to make you aware of the integrative strengths and weaknesses of geo-information regarding metropolitan solutions given living lab settings.

Entrepreneurial Skills Pitches
During the courses, the students are tasked to develop a business which focuses on innovative solutions for metropolitan challenges. They use the learned knowledge in the development process of their business.
The ideas and solutions are pitched during a final event to an interdisciplinary jury from the AMS Institute network.

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