During this international conference, you will hear from CME and other pioneering projects, governments and organisations on their experiences and learnings regarding realising local energy communities, electric mobility, sustainable heating, energy storage and smart, flexible energy systems (such as V2G) from a range of perspectives to paint a holistic picture of the future of the energy system and how we get there.

Such a system contributes to increased energy security and independence of European cities and regions, at a time when the cost of energy has been increasing to record levels throughout Europe. This event will provide a clear view of how models such as energy communities and energy management tools like ReMove can support organisations, cities and regions in their decarbonisation journeys, through a high-level plenary and in-depth parallel sessions covering the technical approaches, social inclusion and engagement, governance and business models, and integration of local energy with e-mobility.

Hans Roeland Poolman about the LIFE platform
During this event, our very own Hans Roeland Poolman will give a key presentation about 'Developing the Local Inclusive Future Energy system in Amsterdam – the LIFE platform'. The LIFE platform is a smart energy exchange platform in the area of Amsterdam Arenapoort, which tests smart planning for energy demand and supply. The result: an electricity grid-friendly and community inclusive innovation to contribute to the energy transition.

What else can you expect?
The full day conference will feature real-world implementation learnings from CME and other state-of-the-art projects in the field such as the highly awarded community Virtual Power Plant project, the community heat network by Veolia and the COBEN project, upscaling V2G and V2X implementation in the SCALE and Drive2X projects, and more. In the CME pilots, e-mobility solutions were implemented together with local renewables, storage and an open-source energy management system in Arnhem, Nottingham, Stuttgart and Schwäbisch Gmünd to connect, monitor and optimise the energy flows, increasing the value of local renewable energy while limiting the impact on the grid.

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