Transitioning to a sustainable, just, and stable society is necessary, on an unprecedented scale and speed. In many innovation projects, scientific programs, and municipal organizations, (urban) living labs are achieving good results.

But are these Labs well understood and well implemented? Are they solving the problems better, cheaper, more sustainable? What are actionable prescriptions? Are there tools that can be proven to work?

Building upon the common agenda and action plan established during the 2019 edition of the Urban Living Lab Summit - this year we will focus on showing and testing tools used in (big) projects, learning systems across labs and training, and teaching approaches for helping practitioners.

During the Summit we will address:

● What tools can be used for designing, measuring impact, collaborating, and learning within Living Labs?

● How have these tools been proven helpful for living labs to reach their goals?

● What are lessons/insights that have been learned by living lab practitioners during this Corona crisis?


14.00 | Welcome | Kenneth Heijns (AMS Institute) and Leendert Verhoef (AMS Institute)

14.10 | Program overview | Daniel Buzatu (AMS Institute)

14.20 | Opening and setting the scene: The value of process tools, standardization and structured urban experimentation | Ellen van Bueren (AMS Institute), Matthew Claudel (MIT)

14.50 | Break with small group discussions

15.00 | Challenge Discussions: Practitioner challenges in real-world cases and tools to address them
- Dealing with industry participation | Sarah Bork and Mellany Doldersum - City of Amsterdam
- Dealing with impact creation | Martijn Braamhaar - City of Amsterdam
- Accountability and safeguarding IP | Arjen van Nieuwenhuijzen - AMS Institute, Witteveen & Bos
- GDPR and privacy issues | Tom van Arman, Kim Smouter and Bianca Marcu - Tapp & ESOMAR
- Business models for living lab project | Ioannis Ioannidis - AMS Institute, MSc MADE
- Communication, positioning and (co-)branding | Maud Kaan - AMS Institute
- Collaborating and learning in teams | Nina Bohm - TU Delft
- Experience exchange on Urban Living Labs in times of pandemic crisis | Andrea Uberbacher - AMS Institute

15.50 | Break with small group discussions

16.05 | Plenary Session: Insights from the challenge discussions

16.20 | Tool workshops: Deep-dive into living lab process tools and approaches
- Emerging tools for monitoring urban living labs | Aranka Dijkstra - AMS Institute
- Cross-lab learning with meta-labs | Christian Scholl - Maastricht University
- Using open calls for developing living labs | Cornelia Dinca - Amsterdam Smart City
- Urban Living Lab Canvas - a multitool for design and building | Leendert Verhoef, AMS Institute
- Building a distributed living lab: early steps | Hank Kune - Educore
- CityStudio Vancouver – a clear theory of Change | Duane Elverum - CityStudio Vancouver
- Live-In Lab – physical lab with impact | Jonas Vogel - KTH Royal Institute of Technology

17.20 | Break with small group discussions

17.30 | Plenary session: insights from the tool workshops

17.45 | Closing: Summit conclusions & next steps

Please register for the event via this link>>

In co-creation, we want to increase knowledge and common understanding, refine the challenges, and set and fill an action agenda. Therefore we invite you to send us your topics, methods, and tools and your potential contributions.

Progam Comittee
Ellen van Bueren - Principal Investigator, AMS Institute (TU Delft)
Mattthew Claudel - Co-founder and head of civic innovation, MITdesignX (MIT)
Eveline van Leeuwen - Principal Investigator, AMS Institute (WUR)
Leendert Verhoef - Program Lead Living Labs, AMS Institute

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