With 81 research projects (of which 20 are finished), we addressed a growing range of topics focused around our three themes: Circular City, Connected City and Vital City. More details can be found in the Research & Valorization chapter of our Annual Report.

2017 was a flourishing year as well for our education program, with the successful launch in September of the MSc MADE, Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering, two Summer Schools and a tremendous participation in our MOOCs.

An other 2017 milestone was the publication of a guide on how to set up an urban living lab “Urban Living Labs – A Living Lab way of Working”. A way of working that facilitates the transition between fundamental research and society wide implementation. It demonstrates the need of such an in-between solution for metropolitan challenges.

All of this and more is featured in our Annual Report 2017.


Publication Urban Living Labs

A comprehensive guide to successful urban living labs.


The MSc MADE aims to educate urban engineers that are equipped to deal with the metropolitan challenges of our cities. In its interdisciplinary courses, students attain skills and knowledge by testing their ideas in projects and living labs in Amsterdam.