This year, Dutch Design Week will be taking place virtually. With an extensive program of talkshows, VR experiences, videos, podcasts, articles and more - it might be hard to know where to start.

Here's our tip: have a look at the Up Close & Personal platform. This Design United project zooms in on design research by the four technical universities (4TU) in the Netherlands. Join one of the live streams or browse through the online magazine focussing on 5 main themes: Hybrids, Eco-Logica, Living Matter(s), Silent Power, Crisis!

Some AMS Institute related projects are also featured in the talkshows and online magazine. You'll find a short recap of these projects here below:

Crisis! | Social Disdancing Dashboard
In cities with narrow sidewalks, how do we keep a distance of 1.5m? As we learn to live with COVID-19, society faces the difficult task of maintaining social distancing rules in practice. The Social Distancing Dashboard creates interactive city maps that show (on a street and neighborhood level) whether social distance rules can be respected when moving in public space.

This Friday, October 23rd, Achilleas Psyllidis will join the talk show on this topic. Read more here.

Social Distancing Dashboard

Eco-Logica | Good Fish Foundation
Did you know that the European eel population declined drastically over the the past 50 years, and is threatened with extinction? Due to its unique characteristics, there is no alternative fish that can be consumed as an alternative to eel.

Therefore, MSc MADE students started a Living Lab called: the Future Fish project - to prevent eels from extinction, a sustainable alternative must be developed. This Living Lab has developed into a young startup. Read more about their project and watch participation in the livecast here.

Good Fish Project

Hybrids | Roboat
About a quarter of Amsterdam’s surface area is water, with some 165 canals winding alongside busy city streets. With the Roboat project we aim to relieve pressure from Amsterdam’s busy city center with autonomous mobility - by using autonomous boats. In the Roboat project we investigate the potential of self-driving technology to change our cities and their waterways. Read more about this Hybrid solution here.


More events for you to join:
Next to tapping into the aforementioned talk shows, the list of exciting events for you to join this October and November is long! Interested in the topic of smart urban mobility? Then these events should be on top of your list:


Citython 2020 Amsterdam

Oct 28 - Nov 6

Are you keen to work on Amsterdam's mobility challenges during a 10-day online hackathon that brings together an international group of creative and inquisitive minds? Read more on the three challenges at hand and how to join!


AMA Smart Mobility Festival

November 16 - 19

From 16-19 November the 'Smart Mobility MRA festival: smart green and safe' will take place. This online festival will kick-off on Monday 16/11 at 10.15AM. You can register as of now to create your custom festival program.