As electrification of transportation and building heating/cooling is accelerating, Energon is developing solutions to improve energy usage efficiency and fuel consumption.

The co-founders joined the AMS Startup Booster to understand the workings of startup phases and throw themselves into its dynamic mindset.

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Synchronizing energy consumption and production

The co-founders of Energon bring with them years of experience in the electric mobility industry. In October 2022, they started Energon, their software company, and began their startup journey with the ambitious goal of making electricity affordable and accessible to everyone. The increasing demand for electricity poses new challenges in terms of equitable distribution and accessibility. With the surging popularity of electric mobility, new issues emerge concerning charging services. These services are crucial for site owners such as hotels, offices, and stores seeking to offer charging infrastructure for their guests, employees, or customers.

Energon Software Interface

Energon's vision is to digitalize the energy landscape and pioneer the concept of “energy canceling”, synchronizing local renewable energy production and its consumption, without relying on the one coming from the grid. Their aim: execute the most optimal energy scenarios for their customers’ sites and ensure they can run smoothly and efficiently their operations. To make an example, most vehicles are parked for many more hours than they are driven during the day. Instead of charging their electric battery with a combination of renewable and, or sometimes solely, energy from the grid, Energon aligns the charging with solar energy production. This not only lets this company achieve its aim but also cuts energy costs for the consumers and contributes to the well-being of the community by bolstering the resilience of the energy grid by reducing demand. With its innovative approach to energy management, Energon is committed to forging a sustainable and affordable energy future for all.

“We aim to make sure to use energy as best as we can. Our goal is zero consumption and zero emissions, by promoting self-consumption to cut costs for the consumers and the demand for the suppliers.”

Energon’s Startup Booster Experience

When the company was established back in October 2022, its co-founders chose to join the AMS Startup Booster. After dedicating years to the electric mobility industry within corporate settings, they recognized the need to fully embrace the startup approach.

Energon | Demo day

“We needed to adopt the startup approach and decided to join the AMS Startup Booster. Besides being easily accessible to everyone, the program provides you with the freedom to further explore your idea without forcing it in a particular direction.”

Throughout the program's duration, the co-founders of Energon were immersed in a world of mentorship and guidance, a journey that unraveled the intricate steps of launching a startup. Their Startup Booster journey encompassed critical components such as customer validation and prototyping, with validation being the particular highlight in their eyes. Initiating conversations with potential users, seeking their input on the product, and utilizing their feedback for refinement were fundamental activities to further develop their concept, shaping it into something tangible and workable.

The process of customer validation emerged as one of the biggest steps. The duo comprehended that without a receptive market, the prospects of selling their project or securing funding for subsequent phases would remain elusive.

Further and future steps

Upon joining the Startup Booster, the co-founders conducted a strategic review of their approach. Recognizing the overlap in their skill sets, they realized that expanding their programming capabilities was crucial for the further development of their software. They welcomed a new partner to the team, adding his proficient programming skills to the mix. The objective was not only to enhance their programming process but also to establish the foundation for a larger programming team in the future.

Energon is currently refining the initial version of their system, a process they are conducting simultaneously with the latest addition, the hardware. This hardware takes the form of a compact computer, an easily attachable node that can interface with solar panels, energy storage solutions, and electric charging infrastructure. Its purpose is to facilitate remote data collection regarding on-site energy production, consumption patterns, and the use of grid energy. These data are then processed by the Energon System Software.

Having entered the phase of initial pilot projects, Energon is actively seeking collaboration opportunities with both corporations and municipalities to put their products to the test. Are you prepared to optimize your energy utilization? Reach out to them.

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