Senses of Amsterdam
In 'Senses of Amsterdam' you can discover how sensors make Amsterdam a smarter city. This interactive installation at at the Studio of NEMO Science Museum is about the sensors we use in our city. What measurements are taken and how is data collected? The installation informs about the sensors in Amsterdam and how these sensors make the city smarter. You will be challenged to think along with them, and how we can make their use more 'responsible'.

The installation is a collaboration of AMS Institute, City of Amsterdam and NEMO, and is part of the program Responsible Sensing Lab. Deputy Mayor Touria Meliani official opened the exhibit during the event. You can rewatch the event here.

For more info & opening hours visit NEMO De Studio.


Responsible Sensing Lab

Responsible Urban Digitization

Our Responsible Sensing Lab explores how to integrate social values in the design of sensing systems in public space.


Wrap-up: Launch Responsible Sensing Lab

Responsible Urban Digitization

On 28 January 2021, we officially the launch of the Responsible Sensing Lab and openend the exhibit Senses of Amsterdam

Bits of You
From June 5, the exhibition Bits of You will also be on display at De Studio. In this new exhibition for adults, you will experience how the data traces we leave behind on a daily bases affect our lives.

In six pavilions you can experience step by step how our data is processed by algorithms, and how this leads to all kinds of predictions about our identity and behavior. Immerse yourself in a whirlpool of data readings, browse through a gender-recognition algorithm, experience the whispering influence of a digital profile and catch a glimpse of a data future. Meet ten people who each share a different data experience and ask yourself: do I look like my digital profile?

About NEMO De Studio
The Studio is an additional location of NEMO Science Museum. The location is a laboratory for working with partners and the public on accessible and interactive programs about scientific and technological developments.