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To reach the goal of becoming energy neutral by the year 2040, significant steps need to be taken. Not only do we need new technologies, there is also a need for smart ways to organize the transition, and for adaptations to our lifestyle. This requires cooperation among many different parties. Both from the government and residents, as well as from companies and researchers. Energy Lab Zuidoost brings these parties together.

By experimenting together in different ‘Living Labs’, we develop and test new innovations in a real-life environment. This helps us understand what works and how to scale and implement these innovations in Amsterdam Zuidoost and other metropolitan environments.

The Energy Lab Zuidoost ensures the exchange of knowledge between different projects, organizations and disciplines. It connects scientific expertise to the urban challenges in Zuidoost and brings together academics from various disciplines. The ambition is to share the knowledge, so the innovations can be applied throughout Amsterdam and beyond.

For more information about Energy Lab Zuidoost, you can also visit the website or download the flyer.

“The Energy Lab Zuidoost is a catalyst for inventing an energy transition in which the differences between rich and poor do not increase, but in fact become smaller. By combining a highly practical approach on the one hand, and solid scientific knowledge on the other - this ambitious consortium aims to make a substantial technological, economic and social difference for Amsterdam Zuidoost.”

Prof. dr. Caroline Nevejan, Chief Science Officer, City of Amsterdam

The focus within the Energy Lab Zuidoost is on three main topics. We develop a number of scalable pilots and experiments around these topics. All projects and pilots are carried out together with different companies, public organizations and residents:

  • The sustainable renovation of homes – scaling the deep retrofit approach for 288 homes that is applied in Reigersbos to renovate 10,000 homes
  • Low temperature heat networks – developing and testing a scalable neighborhood energy platform for a wide variety of stakeholders in the ArenAPoort area
  • Local smart energy systems – realization of and developing a blueprint for a low temperature heat grid to heat buildings and houses with residual heat from data centers
    • LIFE | Local Inclusive Future Energy City platform at ArenApoort

The Energy Lab Zuidoost is an initiative of the AMS Institute, the City of Amsterdam and the Urban Energy Institute of TU Delft.

The following partners of the Energy Lab Zuidoost are now structurally collaborating in various projects with various companies, public organizations and residents to bring practice and science together:

  • AMS Institute
  • City of Amsterdam
  • Urban Energy Institute | TU Delft
  • Centre for Urban Studies | University of Amsterdam (UvA)
  • Centre of Expertise Urban Governance and Social Innovation | Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA)
  • April 2021 - March 2025


City of Amsterdam
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
University of Amsterdam
Hogeschool van Amsterdam