As program developer Urban Energy, Paul is responsible for exploring, initiating and developing relevant energy projects in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. He connects the energy transition challenges of the region to innovation practices, competencies, and projects, to find insights and solutions that create a real added value for the city and its people. The aim is to create insights and solutions that can help citizens, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, make better (investment) policy or decisions and inspire new businesses and products. In doing so, we strive to bring solutions to those challenge owners that have a hard time sleeping until the challenge is solved.

Prior to AMS Institute, Paul worked with AMS Institute’s collaboration partner Amsterdam Smart City (ASC). AMS Institute and ASC are strongly connected and share a strong belief that collaboration on the urban challenges is key and needs great care when aiming for impact.

He believes that with starting AMS Institute, the City of Amsterdam showed long term commitment to innovation, but also expects understandable answers and solutions to complex questions, as for example in the energy transition. A challenging and exciting premise.

“The quality standards of energy accessibility made energy boring to the larger public. Transformative solutions will need to inspire and create local pride.”

Paul Voskuilen

Program Developer Urban Energy