The City of Amsterdam aims to be a climate-neutral city by 2050 and to generate as much clean energy as possible on its territory. The Zuidoost district of Amsterdam wants to achieve this ambition as early as 2040. The development of Amsterdam Zuidoost offers opportunities to combine sustainability with social improvement. For example by improving the living comfort of homes or by creating local employment. This ambition calls for innovative solutions to seize the opportunities for a social energy transition. What does a smart and local energy system look like? How can we best shape this transition together? Who can play a role in this? In this program, we discuss the development of a scalable neighbourhood energy platform in the ArenAPoort area.

Groene Transitie #7: Slimme energie in Zuidoost | With English subtitles

In collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger we hosted this livecast. We talked to various stakeholders involved in the Energy Lab Zuidoost:

  • Henk van Raan | Amsterdam AreanA
  • Ruben Voerman | Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Huub Hendriks | Alliander
  • Stella Boes | TU Delft
  • Else Veldman | AMS Institute

The livecast was in Dutch, but you can watch the recording with subtitles.


Energy Lab Zuidoost

Urban Energy

Amsterdam Zuidoost aims to be energy neutral by 2040. This requires systemic change. Not only on a technical – but also on a social level. Therefore, the Energy Lab Zuidoost brings together stakeholders & scientific expertise from different disciplines.


Local Inclusive Future Energy (LIFE) City platform

Urban Energy

Smart planning for energy demand and supply. This will be tested via a smart energy exchange platform in the area of Amsterdam ArenApoort. The result: an electricity grid-friendly and community inclusive innovation to contribute to the energy transition.

Energy Lab Zuidoost
Energy Lab Zuidoost is a joint initiative of the AMS Institute and the City of Amsterdam and was launched in 2019 with support from TU Delft's Urban Energy Institute. The partners of the Energy Lab Zuidoost work structurally with companies, public organizations and residents in various projects to bring practice and science together. The LIFE (Local Inclusive future Energy) project will start in April 2021. In this project a scalable neighborhood energy platform will be developed and tested in the ArenAPoort area. Read more about Energy Lab Zuidoost here>>

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