Maged is the Living Lab Coordinator for the Amsterdam Case Study in the RED&BLUE project (Real Estate Development and Building Low Urban Environments). He is bringing the project's partners together to co-create, develop, and implement an equitable and just real estate and infrastructure climate risk management strategy in Amsterdam. This is by working collaboratively with the stakeholders to ensure the integration between residents, businesses, knowledge institutions, and government officials to “de-risk” the city.

Maged has a mixed professional background which reflects his forward-thinking and skills in bringing about innovation for sustainable city transition. He studied Architecture and Urban Management and Development, worked as an architect with consultancy practices, and worked in the renovation and redesign of buildings. After his PhD in using nanotechnology in architecture, he lectured at a university in Cairo, while he founded an NGO for sustainable development and youth empowerment. Before joining AMS Institute, Maged worked with GIZ as an engineering expert for capacity building and urban infrastructure development.

In his free time, Maged enjoys exploring new places, cycling, and collecting rocks from around the globe. These interests reflect his curiosity and love for discovery, which he brings to his work as a Living Lab Coordinator, seeking out innovative and sustainable solutions to improve urban environments.

“Accelerating sustainable transitions starts with rewiring synergies at the nitty-gritty level.”

Maged Elsamny

Living Lab Coordinator Red&Blue